I recently bought a…

I recently bought a long-sleeved t-shirt (need more than 1!) and some socks without holes in them. Getting dressed is much more pleasant on a fall morning now. :-) How did I have no long-sleeved tees before? Bewildering. Now I just need to throw on one of my many cardigans, and I'm good to go.

Plan for today; feed the kids and self, take them out running a multitude of errands (calibrated for everyone's colds -- i.e., if anyone starts getting too tired, cranky, we're giving up on errands and coming home), so Kevin can get some work done in peace (he's on a big grant deadline). This afternoon, garage sale + empty out garage in preparation for a new floor being poured starting tomorrow. Ours is dangerously cracked; going to be so good to get that fixed!

Also, send some e-mails for work, repair the holes in the pocket linings of my winter coat and raincoat, and if really ambitious, sew a few Xmas gifts. We'll see how it goes. Much of that may turn to 'lounge on couch reading' instead, and that's okay. Happy Sunday!

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