Morning cookie…

Morning cookie decorating. I feel that I've advanced mightily over my first attempt at iced cookies for Anand's birthday (a year ago -- clearly, I don't make cookies so often). I've now learned to outline the cookies with royal icing, and then thin the icing down and use a squeeze bottle to flood the icing to make the base layer. That went pretty smoothly, but then I ran into some trouble with the next stage.

Lesson learned -- don't try to stack the cookies in the fridge to finish drying the first layer of white (overnight). Some will be fine, but others will stick. Luckily, black blotches and Jack Skellington eyes and mouth cover a multitude of sins. I found that squeeze bottles with the icing a bit thinned down (not quite as much as for flooding) worked well for decorating, if you didn't need fine detail. Fun!

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