I slept five hours, woke…

I slept five hours, woke up stressed (I think about the book release, mostly, but also about the backlog of work that built up during WorldCon), sent an urgent work e-mail, wrote a long blog entry that helped some with the stress, dealt with a child who inexplicably and suddenly flat-out refused to go to school (I had to CARRY her down two flights of stairs, wailing (her, not me, although I wanted to), and only managed to get her to get on the school bus through a combination of quiet talk, jokes, and a small Lego bribe. I am now EXHAUSTED at 8 a.m., and I still have to get Anand to preschool, put gas in the car, go teach two classes, grade quizzes, read and crit two stories, and meet with a student. All before 2 p.m. After that, I plan to drive home and just collapse for an hour; if I am feeling very ambitious, I will read something. Kavi comes home at 3:15, and I promised her that we'd play games when she got back. Lots and lots and lots of games. Uf da.

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