So tired I could cry….

So tired I could cry. I'm home, but the question is, can I survive until the children's bedtime. Kevin has fled to finally get some work done, and has barricaded himself in his study. Thank god Jed's here -- he seems somewhat less exhausted.

(Jed is on hands-and-knees being a dog right now -- whoops, now a cat -- whoops, now Kavi has commanded him to be a hippo, and Jed is a bit bewildered, but she is instructing him -- for some reason it involves going up on his toes...)


Thai food helps. Shumai (which they call kha nom jeeb, and maybe it's not the same, but it's close enough for me), potstickers, green curry, pad siew, beef salad, tom kha kai, rice. I didn't eat all of that. But most of it. And it was only slightly better than mediocre Thai food, but I didn't have to cook it, and I feel slightly less shaky now. 45 minutes to kids' bedtime (in theory). Anand is outside getting thoroughly muddy; somehow, we have to get him inside and bathed. Oof.

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