First day first day…

First day first day first day! Printing out class rosters and lecture notes, putting on my sparkly headband and earrings. Today, we talk about Kipling's "White Man's Burden," Anderson's idea of what constitutes a nation, and, in my other class, LeGuin's first chapter from Steering the Craft. Happy happy fun fun!

You know, if someone else would do the grading, and if someone else would pay my rent, I would do the rest of this job for free. :-)

(Since someone asked on Facebook, and I thought the answer might be of interest to others, for the Anderson, we read the intro to Imagined Communities, although for the 114 level, reading it is optional, and I mostly lecture. For 358, they have to read the intro and try to work through it (usually in groups), although I do tell them they can skim the very beginning (which has a bunch of references they mostly won't be familiar with). I do make them memorize Anderson's four criteria for a nation, and then I quiz them on it a week later. :-) They don't have to agree with him, but they do have to at least be able to parrot it back to me. And ideally understand what he was getting at. :-)

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