In a barely-suppressed…

In a barely-suppressed panic for much of the weekend, not at all sure why. I mean, sure, the fall semester starts tomorrow, kicking off with an important meeting Monday, and teaching Tuesday, but there's no good reason for me to be on the verge of tears for almost forty-eight hours. Just weird -- did I mention, normally, I love teaching? (#love #hug #George)

The only thing I can think of is that I was supposed to write two books this summer (yes, I know, insane), and I didn't (though I got damn close to final on one, and almost a full first draft on the other), and my hindbrain is freaking the hell out over that. (Also, my basement is still four boxes away from completely unpacked.)

Apparently, when I set impossible goals, I have to expect a certain amount of emotional fallout when I don't meet them. Well, at least re: academics, I'm all prepped and ready now, so hopefully I can sleep well tonight, and face the students with joy and aplomb going forward. Wish me luck!


  • get drinks and food for meeting -- DONE
  • 10 - 12: ASAM department meeting -- DONE
  • Polished -- DONE


  • 9:30 - 1:45 -- teach first classes! -- DONE

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