The only-sleeping-three-hours killed my productivity yesterday. I got two things done (including draft of new story), and other than that, well, I watched The Captains documentary with Jed, re-watched most of "Trials and Tribble-ations", fell asleep for an hour, played half a game of Dungeon Lords with Jed, took the kids on a walk for ice cream, said goodbye to Jed, and read half of Emily of New Moon, which I somehow had missed before. (Think Anne of Green Gables, but the protagonist is a young female writer. V. satisfying.)

I slept mostly well last night, although ended the night with a TERRIBLE dream in which Kavi's occasional nosebleeds was a warning sign that we'd overlooked of some fatal disease, and in the dream, we knew she was going to die soon and what the hell. Nobody warned me that parenthood came with hideous dreams like that.

But aside from that, I slept well. Dentist @ 10:30; I've been trying to be good for a change, so I'm curious to see if I'll still get scolded this time. (I'm sure the answer is yes.) And otherwise -- well, we'll see if I can power through some of this list. Less than two weeks 'til classes start, and meetings start next week. Sigh.


  • sign and number 100 chapbooks -- DONE
  • watch the very last episode of Eureka -- DONE (sigh)
  • dentist @ 10:30 -- DONE (ow)
  • do laundry (4 loads!) -- DONE

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  1. Eventually? I admit, my memories are fuzzy. Emily is totally immersed in writing, though, from the time we meet her (at age 12 or so)…

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