I don’t know what…

I don't know what happened yesterday; I picked up the kids @ 4, planted a few plants, and then basically just collapsed. I did a barely adequate job of supervising them until bedtime (boy, when my energy levels drop, the kids sure do get raucous in response), and once they were finally in bed, I went straight to my own bed, rewatched Cold Comfort Farm, and fell asleep. Like I'd been hit with the proverbial bag of rocks.

I do forget how tiring driving can be, and I was in the car for more than two hours yesterday, going up and coming back from Ethiopian lunch and writing with Lori and Angeli. Mmm....injera. And it's not like I got nothing accomplished -- I picked up some August-blooming perennials from Gethsemane (larkspur, gaura, phlox, toad lilies), and I finished drafting a new story, though the ending's a bit rushed and needs to be reworked. But still, the sudden exhaustion is kind of weird. My doc is adjusting my thyroid meds; she says I'm a bit over-medicated right now. Can being hyperthyroid make you tired too? That just seems unfair.

Hopefully today will be better. Now, tea and ibuprofen (back aches a bit from digging yesterday). Later this morning, a playdate with Huzefa and Fatema and their kids; I'm excited to see their new house. (More driving, but only half as much as yesterday, if the traffic gods are kind.) In the afternoon, I'm hoping Anand will nap and I can set Kavi up with a movie for a few hours while he's sleeping, and I can get some stuff done -- writing or exercise, either would be fine. If I don't crash again, then after nap, maybe I can get some yardwork done while they run around outside. We'll see.

Jed gets in tonight for a visit, will stay through Tuesday evening, and I have to admit, I'm resisting the urge to just abandon the kids to him for the whole day tomorrow. I'm pretty sure babysitting them full-time was not his vacation plan. :-)


  • play-date at Huzefa and Fatema's -- DONE (and fun!)
  • lift weights -- DONE
  • re-hang sheers -- DONE
  • Jed arrives @ night -- DONE :-)

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