Day two of new chore…

Day two of new chore plan: Kavi and Anand almost-successfully emptied the dishwasher (with help, of course). I think this is still sort of a fun and exciting chore; we'll see how it goes when they're bored with it. One of my favorite glasses did get broken on the counter, sigh, before I could remind her to leave the glassware for mommy. Oh well. Enthusiasm is good, right? No pain, no gain? Mourn for the juice glass with me.

She also got herself dressed, and cleared up her art area; Anand cleared up his train toys. They're both much more likely / willing to do the chore if I'm doing it alongside them, and it also goes way faster. That's a little frustrating to me, but I think it's a fair tradeoff while they're learning, at least. Hopefully once we've been doing these chores for a while, they'll become habitual, and I won't need to be doing half the work.

Kavi balked at making her bed, but mostly that's because she doesn't know how to make her bed, or so she claims. She quite liked it when I made my bed (which I don't normally get to do when Kev's in town, since he wakes up several hours after me, and I'm often gone by then). I told her I'd show her how to do it after school today. We'll see how that goes.

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