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Kickstarter project update (The Stars Change):

I'm 20,000 words in, and pretty good words too, I think. These have been mostly workshopped and revised; I think you're going to like them. I'm about halfway through Part II now, I think, and Jack Kotz has done four fabulous illustrations for the book, with more to come. It's going to be gorgeous.

I'm still hoping to have the book done by September. That may sound a little unlikely, but in theory, I'm writing on it almost full-time for the next month. Cross your fingers and wish me luck! But that said, I'm not going to rush it; if it seems like it needs a few more months, I'm going to take them, to make it a better book. Be patient with me.

For those who sent in pre-orders (separate from the Kickstarter supporter prizes), you should have received an e-mail acknowledgement from me by now. If not, please let me know.

For anyone who thinks they might want to pre-order, the pre-order page is here.

Thanks for your support! And below is a teaser from the very newest story (not yet workshopped or revised, drafted yesterday, in fact).

Chieri longed to go to her rooftop chambers, to immerse herself in the rituals that would bring her peace. The tea ceremony had helped a little, even in abbreviated form, but tonight she needed more. Needed to kneel on the raw slate, wrap the cords around her arms, tilt her head back and gaze up, through the stained glass star on her ceiling, to the real stars beyond. Acera lo siqueriel, diantha re zarim. Even now, surrounded by people, she felt the chant bubbling in her throat, longing to be released, and it took all her strength to restrain it. Chieri's toes curled into the plush fibers of the rug; her thighs tensed, gripping the silken cushion of her chair. The woman was talking. Chieri had delivered her message, passed along the information. She didn't know what else to do. Rasti re sempervens, acera lo acera re acera ever´┐Ż!

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter project…”

  1. How many pre-orders do you have so far, if you don’t mind being asked? I am really interested in the nuts and bolts of Kickstarter book projects, and you are so great about sharing practical information about the whole process as you go through it.

  2. Sure, no problem. Mostly these are Kickstarter supporters; the actual pre-orders are just starting to come in. Also note that some people are getting multiple editions; if you pledged at the paperback level, you got a copy of the ebook thrown in, and if you pledged at the hardcover, you get both pb and ebook. The numbers below aren’t unique orders, but the total # of books going out.

    K: 152

    Trade paperback (limited to 250)
    K: 23
    new orders: 6

    Hardcover (limited to 100)
    K: 6

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