I’m feeling time…

I'm feeling time pressure. I know that's nuts, that it's still summer and I have four whole weeks before the semester starts again. But still. I think I will feel better if I make myself a list. Some of these are five-minute tasks. Some are four-week tasks. But the point is, I would like to complete them all before the end of summer. We'll see.

  • post publicly position re: ReaderCon -- DONE
  • update bios page on website -- DONE
  • post update to Kickstarter -- DONE
  • return dress -- DONE
  • take Kavi and me to see optometrist (routine) -- DONE
  • send thank-you note -- DONE
  • send reminder re: next DesiLit book club meeting -- DONE
  • check registration for Nonfiction Now conference -- in progress


  • link bank account to Square


  • mail Brant autographed book


  • check that all ASAM work is done and ready for start of semester
  • add Shirley as proxy in TEM
  • review syllabi, make changes
  • order books
  • make course pack (for first time -- exciting!)


  • revise "Saying Hello," and send out (see what Bob thinks?)
  • do last pass revision of AP and send to Bob
  • finish at least first draft of TSC
  • kill Velma


  • get DesiLit blog back up
  • plan Kickstarter for DesiLit lit. journal
  • find editorial staff for lit. journal
  • stop by Eastgate and see if they want to host next rapid-fire reading


  • fertilize plants
  • make interesting tomato jam
  • finish unpacking
  • sweep and clear basement of trash
  • make Pam a to-do list
  • soften paint


  • make butterfly garland / mobile
  • finish knitting Sharmi's blanket
  • finish knitting Anand's owl sweater

Whew. Now I feel better.

2 thoughts on “I’m feeling time…”

  1. Heh. Well, I left the explanation out deliberately, I admit. But in a charity raffle, I offered to kill off a character with a name of your choice — the person who won it was named Velma, and she wanted me to kill her off. Just a reminder to myself to actually do that in this book. 🙂

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