Last Sunday we…

Last Sunday we celebrated Samanthi's birthday at her apartment, and I took her a curry leaf plant and she ordered delicious stringhoppers and Sri Lankan short eats, and at the end, after her cake and happy birthday singing, the gang totally surprised me with a cake for me too. Delightful. (There were candles, but I didn't think to take a picture before removing them!)

Today's birthday pleasures continued: Vietnamese shrimp summer rolls for lunch, bought new pillows for our bed (I know, it doesn't sound exciting, but *I'm* excited), more Civ, more Dr. Who, part of a board game with Kev (Dungeon Lords -- we haven't played in forever, so we only got partway through a game, re-learning the rules, but we're planning to play a proper game tomorrow, because it's summer, folks), took Kavi to her swim lesson where she only needed minor coaxing before thoroughly enjoying herself in the water, hooray.

Then salmon sushi for dinner, Skype call with my parents where we very belatedly opened Kavi's birthday presents from them and then we lit candles on tiny cupcakes and they and the kids sang me happy birthday (Kevin doesn't sing, but he did light the candles), and now the kids are upstairs, and Kevin's taking care of bedtime for tonight (although I will probably go help if they give him too much grief). Various friends have called on the actual telephone and the Facebook greetings keep pouring in; all in all, it's been a low-key, lovely birthday.

Now if I can talk Kevin into a foot rub, it will be perfect.

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