Today was supposed to be…

Today was supposed to be the day I got back to the memoir, Arbitrary Passions; my plan was to do a quick implement-critique-notes revision in a few days, send it out again to those who didn't get a chance to comment before, along with my agent, see what they think. But then last night, Anand vomited, and today has mostly been lost to dealing with his feverish self. He'll undoubtedly be fine soon, but Kev and I completely failed to work today. Ah well.

Hopefully soon, esp. since what I really want to do is get back to the SF book, The Stars Change, which I promised readers would be ready by September. (I am not going to hold myself to that if it means the book isn't ready, but I am going to use that deadline as some serious motivation.)

If I succeed in finishing it, I'll need to do some promotion, and ran across this helpful thing. So I'm posting this mostly to remind myself, so that I can remind others, when the time is right. :-) From Butt to Chair.

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