Anand changed my bedside…

Anand changed my bedside clock while I was gone. Thought it was eight; dragged myself up, groaning. Just looked at different clock. Curses!

After last night's thunderstorm (which was glorious), the world is drenched and grey. It's a good morning for sleeping, but since that has been denied me, I'll go on with my minimally demanding plans for the day. It's a reacclimation day after Ragdale, a return to the real world -- tomorrow I'm back to writing intensely again, or so I hope. Today I'll get the kids fed and dressed and to school, and then my only goals are to read Sea of Poppies for book club Saturday, do multiple loads of laundry, finish cleaning up the house (Kevin did try, but the kids were sorely trying), and if the weather permits, do some weeding.

Oh, and if I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll go buy a bra or two (although the budget is going to complain mightily, sigh).

Here's something weird -- the scale tells me that I gained about a pound at Ragdale. (Unsurprising that I gained some weight this past week, given the delectable dinners they fed us, and the fact that I only managed to exercise about half as often as usual, and also, I did a lot more sitting and a lot less lifting of children, gardening, and keeping house. If you manage to go to a residency, keep an eye on your health; you'll be grateful. If I didn't make some effort to go to the gym while I was there, I think I'd have been really physically unhappy by the end of the two weeks. My back was groaning.) An extra pound shouldn't be enough to noticeably change my body shape, but suddenly, all my bras are uncomfortably tight in the back.

I think this is actually what my weight lifting book told me would happen -- that if I did their program (which I've managed to keep doing reasonably consistently, and can now lift about three times more than when I started a few months ago, yay!), my body shape would change, and among other things, my upper arms and my back would get a little bigger; clothes would be tighter there. And here we are. It's disconcerting to have exercise make me bigger -- that was not the goal. But I think it's probably a good thing. Bigger muscles means stronger; I'm going to have to keep that in mind when I'm trying on new bras.

I admit to being cranky that after breast reduction surgery a year ago, I still need bras -- but with a C cup, I'm just not comfortable walking around for long without them. I wish the surgeon could've taken me down to a B, but he didn't want to take that much off at one time. I wish I could be sure that was for a medical reason, and not for his preconceived notion of ideal aesthetics. Impossible to say -- ah well.

Anyway -- kids, reading, laundry, cleaning, weeding if the storm passes (it's still grumbling off and on). Should be a good day. They've started scheduling meetings for the first week of the semester, and I'll put them in my calendar, but I'm not going to think about school yet, not this week. Next week I'll start working on my syllabi for the fall; our classes start end of August, and I need to order books soon. But for now, I'm just going to try to enjoy the last month of summer.

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  1. > I admit to being cranky that after breast reduction surgery a year ago, I still need bras

    I had always thought that women would prefer to go braless whenever they could, but most of the women who I’ve heard talk about have said that they always wear a bra, and can’t understand why anyone would want not to, it’s so uncomfortable. And not just women with big boobs, people with pretty firm B cups.

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