I’ve finished this…

I've finished this draft. Only not really. I've gotten through to the end, but I have a bunch of notes already throughout that I need to go back and implement, as well as taking the critique people have sent me and fixing those bits too.

I feel like right now, I'm happy with the overall structure of the book, and the main thing I need to do in the next draft (which I'm hoping to at least make good progress on in the next week), is to take the chapters that are a little thinner and deepen the thinking in them.

I don't want to repeat myself (which I think there's some of already). If I say the word love again, I may scream. I do need to keep saying it, but every time I bring it up, I want to be adding something new, another interesting dimension.

Sometimes I worry that I'm not smart enough to do everything I want to do with this book. It is ambitious. :-/

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