At WisCon 2012, I…

At WisCon 2012, I commissioned Alberto Y��ez to try to take a decent author photo of me, because the one I've been using is from 2006 and y'know, it's been a while. In theory, I'll be finishing The Stars Change by September (hmmm...we'll have to see about that), and will need an author photo for the book. He took a ton of photos, and came up with a few I really like. So with no further ado:

In retrospect, the sari fabric is pulled oddly high across my chest, and I think I could have skipped the necklace; it's a bit distracting. But basically, I like them, whew!

I think the BW will go on the book, because it's the most author-photo-ish. :-) Also it feels the most like me, like how I look normally, if I'm hanging out and chatting with friends. (But with bit of make-up. :-) But I'll put large versions of all of them up on my page, for people to use to promote events I do, etc.

Good. That's another thing off the pre-production checklist. Now I just need to finish this revision of AP, so I can go back to drafting TSC...

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