And C.C. Finlay posted…

And C.C. Finlay posted this in the comments to Jed's blog entry, which is just lovely. It's so nice to see that what we were trying to do in the early days has actually come through, and had a lasting effect.

When I think back to 2000 and all the models for online fiction magazines -- there had been Event Horizon and was just gearing up and there were others I don't even remember anymore -- they were all based on traditional print models: a single strong editorial vision and some idea of making profits (either through advertising or paywalls or subscriptions), and then here came SH with a completely different model.

And now all those others are gone, but SH is still around and stronger than ever, and some variation of the SH model (with large crews of volunteers and weekly content updates) can be seen even in the successful for-profit online zines. That's a hell of a legacy in and of itself.

But when I look at all the writers SH has launched and nurtured over the past decade, and look at the specific ways SH has proactively sought out and featured new and diverse voices in SF, that's even more profound.

I know I'm just repeating things I said to Susan and Karen when they moved on, but wow. You guys have been part of something amazing and transformative here, and I feel lucky to have been a spectator along for the ride. I can't wait to see what you go on to do next, and I'm excited to see where SH's new leaders take it during the next decade.

Cheers, Jed. Well done.

Indeed, cheers, Jed. So say we all! :-)

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