Ragdale, Day Two I…

Ragdale, Day Two

I wake hungry.

The desire
to put best foot forward
has me scuttling
back and forth
at five a.m.
bedroom to bath.

I fantasized before arrival
of all I would do here
yoga every morning
a two-week vegan diet
endless walking on the prairie
no internet.

I have already reset
my expectations.

A shared bathroom
creates desire for a basket
ubiquitous in college
metal or plastic mesh
to let damp toiletries drain.

Here is the discipline
of morning:
clean, dressed, full.

A fan might have helped
last night. I took too long
to fall asleep. I am
a little tired still
and hungry.

My stomach rumbles;
I will go down
empty the dishwasher
make tea
for the empty stomach

I will walk the prairie
for the empty mind.

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