Did you see I’m going to…

Did you see I'm going to Melbourne?? SO EXCITED. Must calm down, since it's almost six whole months away. But I get to go to this awesome nonfiction conference, and I'll hopefully have my memoir revised and in fabulous shape by then, and I get to see Karina, who will hopefully forgive me for all the things I say about her in the memoir, and also see Australia, where I have never been. I am very grateful to the various funders who have made it possible for me to attend. They are awesome. And so is Australia. And writing.

I was writing just now and I didn't know how to solve problem my characters were facing. Then one of them burst into tears. Won't solve everything, but it works for now!

It's been a reasonably productive day overall. Dan came over this morning and wrote for a bit, then Holly arrived. Dan had crits for me on "In the House of God," which I happily addressed in revision. Then I went on to draft new story (need title), which I think I am liking, although it is very brief right now. Not sure it needs to be any longer, though. Lovely to write with company.

Now dishwasher repair guy is here, working yet again on trying to fix our dishwasher. Poor Dave. He arrived saying "Long time no see." Ha ha. Dave and I are buddies now. I even recommended an iPhone app to him (Water?, a free physics / plumbing game that I think is quite fun).

I am hoping he'll be done before 5, because tonight various old friends are coming by for dinner with kids. Sapna and Steve with their two, Rupa and Ravi with theirs, and Shruthi. It was be delightful. We will order food, and catch up, and the kids will run around like maniacs, I'm sure. Thankfully, the house is still reasonably clean from my obsessive weekend cleaning. Well, except for the playroom, and really, is there much point in trying to straighten up the playroom?

Am going to try to squeeze in an exercise session before the kids come home, so off I go. I did five real push-ups yesterday, for the first time, umm....ever. I am very proud of myself. Of course, I told Kevin this, very excitedly, and his response was "So, how many pull-ups can you do?" Damn.

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