Okay, folks — I’m ready…

Okay, folks -- I'm ready to start working on getting DesiLit Magazine up and running again, aiming towards quarterly online magazine publication (launching in January 2013), and a print / eBook anthology after the first year (and hopefully for every successive year). If you're interested in S. Asian and diaspora literature, we'd love your help getting the magazine up again. (You don't need to be desi to work with us, but it does help if you know what desi means. :-)

This is what I need:

  • 3-5 volunteers interested in helping plan and publicize the August Kickstarter campaign to get it funded
  • volunteer staff to edit the magazine; I'm going to check in with the previous editors to see who's interested in continuing, but I'm guessing we'll be looking for more people in all departments (articles, fiction, poetry, reviews, art, as well as overall managing and associate editors, development (fund-raising) and publicity). I'm going to serve as Editor-in-Chief for the first 6-12 months or so, just to get things going; after that, I'll probably be looking for someone to take over for me, and would prefer to promote from within. I'll be asking for a one-year commitment from all staff. The business of the magazine happens entirely online, so you can live anywhere, as long as you have speedy internet access.
If you're interested in helping with the Kickstarter, drop me a line with your name and contact e-mail -- I'm hoping to put together a team in the next week, and work with them intensively via e-mail in July to get the Kickstarter set up. You shouldn't have any further time commitment after the end of July.

If you're interested in editing, please add a brief bio, and a note about which department you'd be interested in working with. For the bio, I'd appreciate just a couple of lines that let me know what your experience is with editing / publishing, any relevant academic credentials (are you getting an MFA, for example?), and any publications of your own.

Please send these into me (mohanraj@mamohanraj.com), with the Subject line DESILIT, by Saturday, July 7th. Yes, that's only one week from now. That's because part of working on a successful online venture requires folks who are comfortable and speedy with their e-mail. :-)


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