I have been revamping my…

I have been revamping my set of blogs-I-read (due to finally getting my replacement edition of Dreamweaver installed, thanks Jed), and was delighted to add Kate Davies's Needled to the list, because it is SO AWESOME.

Davies blogs an incredible mix of gorgeous design of her own (I am (slowly) making her adorable owls sweater for Anand) with thoughtful and knowledgeable textile arts history.

In the last fifteen minutes I've learned about pleated Irish handkerchief linen and 70's embroidery, lusted after an adorable Mary Kilvert sheep mug, was charmed by a sheep carousel cozy, and narrowly restrained myself from immediately embarking on a new cowl project. This blog is dangerous. But oh, so good.

(Image from her site: Betty Mouat Cowl)

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