Drafted another story…

Drafted another story for the book. Up to 16,900 words. Good progress, though not sure if making it to 60,000 by the end of July (per goal) is feasible. We'll see.

I have an hour now before the kids come home. I am exhausted from not enough sleep, but also sort of itching from not having exercised enough. And it's hot. I think the correct thing to do is go to the cooler basement and walk on the treadmill at a measured pace, not pushing myself too much (see: exhaustion), but also getting my body to do something other than sit in a chair and type.

I would write more, but I have to think about the next story first. I'm pretty sure the protagonist is a space-age, genetically-modified sacred temple dancer / prostitute. What modifications would one make in one's child, if one expected one's female child to probably carry on that particular profession, in a polymorphously perverse world? (Lots of queer folk around, across the range. Some straight. Some mixed-gender, or neuter. Some aliens.)

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  1. > What modifications would one make in one’s child

    To think of it another way, if you were building a character for an RPG, what would they look like?

    DEX, DEX, and more DEX, I think. Agility and flexibility and balance especially; endurance, and some strength, although more like wiry gymnast strength than like power lifter bodybuilder strength. Not necessarily the reflexes and quickness part, but “agile” and “flexible” are what I think of as the basic attributes of an elite dancer/prostitute. (Plus the ability to go all night, and to support your body weight upside down on one hand.)

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