Recovering from WisCon;…

Recovering from WisCon; got home at 5, ate welcome home cake, ordered Thai food, put the kids to bed and crashed, leaving kitchen a disaster. Slept eight hours, and now I'm only feeling half-dead; actually made progress in cleaning kitchen this morning. May actually be able to cook in there soon. Which is good, since I'm giving Benjamin Rosenbaum and Jed Hartman breakfast.

Jed's staying for the week (hooray), but we have to take Ben to the airport in a few hours and send him back to Switzerland (boo). Will try to get in at least one more high-intensity WisCon-style conversation before we go. (In the car driving back to Chicago with Alex and Angeli, the five of us went through the program book and had two more in-car panels (that we didn't get to go to at the con). :-)

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  1. It was Kavi’s idea. Well, she wanted to throw me a welcome home party, and Kev modified it. But he did help them make and decorate the cake. 🙂

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