Yes, it was unwise of me…

Yes, it was unwise of me to schedule Angeli's theatre fundraiser the same weekend as Kavi's birthday and party. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. But today I did the first grocery run, along with Michael's, Hancock Fabrics, and Party City. And tomorrow, I have all day to prepare (along with exercising some, hopefully). So it should be totally do-able, esp. if I try to keep the craftiness to a minimum. :-)


  • tie balloons to stones borrowed from neighbor's yard (good thing I have friendly neighbors, and I WILL put them back by Monday, I promise...) at staggered heights -- DONE
  • sneak into Kavi's room early and fill her room with balloons -- DONE -- pics tomorrow!


  • take photos of Kavi in her balloon forest :-) -- DONE
  • water veggies -- it's going to be hot! -- DONE
  • take kids to pre-school -- DONE
  • pick up a crown stamp and a gold stamp pad -- DONE
  • assemble goody bags -- DONE
  • make lemon curd -- hah! remembered I got some homemade lemon curd in foodie exchange, tasted it, delicious! -- DONE
  • water rest of yard / flowers -- DONE
  • bake cream scones -- Kev DONE
  • pick up a few groceries still missing -- Kev DONE
  • cook Thai chicken chutney sandwich filling -- DONE

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