Still brainstorming new…

Still brainstorming new titles for my SF book-in-progress. It's set on a university planet settled by South Asians originally. Interstellar war has just been declared, the pure pro-humans versus everyone else. The book opens with a missile streaking across the sky, and there's a storm that plays a major role in the book. Like any of these titles? Thoughts welcome.

The Stars Change
(from the university motto, Sidere mens eadem mutato: The stars change but the mind remains the same.)

The City Divided
(from the university motto, Omnis Civitas Contra Se Divisa Non Stabit: The city divided against itself will not remain.)

Above All, Be Human
(from the S. Asian university motto, Modalu manavanagu: Above all, be human.)

A Single Book
(from the university motto, I fear of a man with a single book

Through Difficulties
(from the university motto, Ad Astra Per Aspera: To the stars through difficulties.)

After the Clouds
(from the university motto, Post Nubila Phoebus: After the clouds, the sun.)

A Firm Footing in the Depths
(from the university motto, seek a firm footing in the depths)

Here, Under the Twin Moons
(was one of the original title options, but some people read it as smutty, which isn't what I want -- do you? If there was a SF cover with a city and moons in the sky?)

And I don't think I'm using these, but these are cool / interesting university mottoes:

- And gladly teach (from the Canterbury Tales)
- Small but excellent
- Where the world makes a home in a single nest
- Foolish is he who seeks only to emulate his father
- I am open for studying
- These days of peace foster learning
- Manly deeds, womanly words
- Theory and practice
- What more should I do?

(thanks to Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Still brainstorming new…”

  1. My thoughts:

    Above All, Be Human
    CJ – How about just, “Be Human”

    Here, Under the Twin Moons
    CJ – I don’t see this as “smutty” but if I did you know I will always go with smutty. Perhaps just “Under the Twin Moons”

    Through Difficulties
    CJ – Ad Astra has been way overused.

    The City Divided
    CJ – how about “Cannot Remain”

    A Firm Footing in the Depths
    CJ – Maybe just “A Firm Footing” or “In the Depths”

    These days of peace foster learning
    CJ – Maybe just “Foster Learning” or “These Days of Peace”

    Or my personal favorite story on the early read, “The Night Air”

    With all of love,

    C. J. Czelling

  2. I agree with CJ that abbreviating some of these phrases even further than you previously had done may make them sound more title-like.

    Actually, I think I agree with everything CJ said here, except for the “Night Air” idea.

    More soonish re some other specific titles you mentioned.

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