I have to say, today’s…

I have to say, today's 80+ temperature has resulted in discovering that grading is a LOT more pleasant when you can intersperse it with gardening. So far today, I've almost finished my grading, and have also:

Purchased veggies and herbs, re-organized hose system (improved, not quite perfect yet, need a few more hoses / parts), planted herbs in windowbox, moved, staked, and added potting soil to duranta, moved salvia away from impending fence, scattered alyssum seeds, planted sweet pea seeds, planted last year's overwintered dahlia (we'll see if it actually comes up again), and inflated the kiddie dragon pool.

Okay, that last isn't technically gardening, but it was totally satisfying. I bought it at the end of last season and never got around to inflating it (I think because we hadn't unpacked the bicycle pump yet at that point.) Can't wait to see their faces when they come home from pre-school. Ellie has already given her doggie seal of approval; she got deliciously wet and then rolled around in the mulch. I foresee a lot of dog and child cleaning this summer if I want my house to survive.

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