I was very good about…

I was very good about taking garden notes in March; April got a little hectic, so there was a bit of a hiatus. But I spent some time this morning trying to note what's happening in the garden now, and make plans for next year.

This year, gardening is a little overwhelming, because we have so much bare ground to cover, and not a lot of money left to do it with. I think I'll be happier next year, as I fill in smaller beds (that are just mulch right now, and may get seeds tossed over them) and move plants around to happier locations. At some point, I gather serious pruning and weeding will kick in, but we're not there yet -- right now, I'm just willing all my tender little spindly plants to grow, grow, grow.

Here's a bit of what my notes look like:

  • rhodos and azalea are done; add another rhododenron and azalea to north side, near bench, for balance; be sure they should end up lower than the hydrangea
  • blooming at end of April: allium (just opening), Russian sage, late May-flowering Maureen tulips (started pale yellow, but have gone beautifully white), chocolate ajuga, Miss Kim dwarf lilac, white bleeding heart
  • add more of everything previous, except maybe sage.
  • add large lilac on north border, near limelight hydrangea (move if needed).
  • move allium on fence border to more central location (tall).
  • wild ginger is happy and spreading, ditto pulmonaria, spotted nettle
  • ferns and hostas are coming back nicely; woodland phlox blends beautifully with them; astilbe is returning (not blooming yet); old-fashioned bleeding heart is finishing
  • add more hostas, ferns, and phlox at south streetside border, for balance? Or do something different, with that more formal side, near boxwood and fountain? What would be good, for shade?
Happy happy. Photos later, if the weather cooperates - it's very grey today.

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  1. I have found cheaper perennials through craigslist – people who post those they have in excess or splitting up. Saves money and you get well established plants!

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