Wow, I just collapsed…

Wow, I just collapsed yesterday. I had a whole list of things I planned to do, but it was cold and blustery and I have yet another cold descending on me just as the previous one departed and I've been going all out all week and I got home from teaching and just collapsed. I managed to exercise, but that was pretty much it for accomplishments. Oh well.

Today should be busier, in good ways. This morning, hanging out with the kids and trying to clear the clutter from the library bookshelves -- because we haven't actually unpacked all our basement books yet, those shelves are spending too much time as holding places for random junk. Also, giving Anand a desperately-needed haircut. Kavi could use one too, but she wants 'princess hair', so haircuts are currently forbidden. I am tempted to give her bangs, which I think would be allowed, but I'm not sure if they'd look good on her. They'd get the hair out of her eyes, though, which does drive me crazy. (It doesn't seem to bother her, and Kevin doesn't understand why I care. I don't know, but I do!)

Then from 11 - 1, I'll be over at Centuries and Sleuths in Forest Park (yes, I have a history / mystery bookstore walking distance from my house, wacky and cool), for a Sisters in Crime meeting -- they're having some Chicago police in for a Q&A, and I'm going to hopefully take the opportunity to ask a few questions that might be helpful for my Oak Park detective novel. (I can't remember if I've talked about this much before, but I have two stories written about Detective Suresh Chandra, and one will be published this year. I've been poking at a novel idea about him. Maybe even a series. So more, anon.)

Lori's coming too, and afterwards, she'll come back to our place for lunch and writing. I need to do my final revision on the Wild Cards story, and dive into the Captain Jack essay. That's the plan for the afternoon. If it's warm enough, maybe some gardening in late afternoon -- we'll see. And in the evening, Simone's stopping by to watch the kids (after they've gone to sleep), so we can walk down the block to a colleague's house for a publication party. Busy, but nice day. :-)

  • final (?) revision of Wild Cards story
  • start Captain Jack essay
  • set up Demimonde pre-order page
  • update ASAM web page
  • send out reminders re: jewelry tea party
  • catch up on all exercises, etc. grading for both classes
  • mail gates to Kristin
  • plant out hanging baskets
  • plant dahlias overwintered in basement
  • plant seeds
  • use pencil on plant labels and mark for fall bulb planting
  • choose paint for foyer and powder room anaglypta wallpaper
  • check with Kev re: paint for kitchen backsplash; if approved, call wallpaper guy

3 thoughts on “Wow, I just collapsed…”

  1. You are changing the title of your book, right? As there is a scifi book that came out in December by that name?

  2. Celia, we’ll see. Depends a) on how well-known that book becomes, and b) whether I can find a title I like better. Haven’t yet.

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