I did go for a run, in…

I did go for a run, in the end, trusting that Kev would wake up and cope with the baby if necessary. Although by 'run', I actually mean, 'walk fast, break into jog for half a block, feel heart thump-a-thump, slow back down to fast walk, repeat.'

The game was fun, although I somehow failed to get my music set up first, so the game gave me mission notes followed by stretches of silence. Which was a little annoying until I figured out what was going on, but still fun, especially since it was cool outside, and it started to drizzle halfway through, and it was SO MUCH BETTER than using my basement treadmill. Added bonus: wearing my "The Angels Have the Phone Box" sweatshirt, so I felt super-geeky. :-)

I'm going to try to set up music in a minute. Not sure why it didn't transfer automatically yesterday. Boo. But so far, like the new phone, and the GPS means that I don't have to calculate my distance anymore (I used to use Google's distance tracker); the phone does it automatically for me.

Anything that reduces the 'noise' around exercise is super-helpful to me. It's amazing how easy it is for me to talk myself out of doing it. "Oh, I'd have to change into my sweats. Oh, I don't have clean socks. Oh, these socks tend to slide down in annoying ways when jogging. Oh, I'd have to actually find my headphones." Etc. and so on. I'm trying to streamline all of that. Have plenty of exercise clothes, clean and not full of holes. I just ordered some exercise-y socks that they claim don't slip down. Leaving my phone armband and headphones in one place, all the time, easy to grab as I'm heading out the door. Ditto sneakers and sweatshirt. If I can streamline the process, I think I'm much more likely to actually do it, to think -- "Oh, I have twenty minutes free, I can squeeze in a quick run," as opposed to "Oh, I only have twenty minutes, it'd take me ten just to find all my crap, it's not worth bothering..."

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