It’s just that kind of…

It's just that kind of week. Next week is the last week of classes, so I'm feeling a certain pressure to finish up everything before the semester ends. Which is sort of ridiculous, but oh well. There are also a TON of events and deadlines this April, for some reason, so I'm having to be a bit careful with scheduling to make sure everything gets done. Everything critical, at any rate.


  • confirm all reimbursable receipts filed -- DONE
  • teach -- DONE
  • plant out big blue planter (stock, linaria, nemesia, pansies, lobelia -- hope it stays cool-ish for a while, so the spring annuals last a bit) -- DONE
  • finish revising story that was due Sunday (sigh) and send in; hopefully the editor will forgive me -- DONE
  • get groceries: bananas, fruit, etc. -- DONE
  • make dinner -- DONE (reheated steak with sugar snap peas in a lemon/scallion butter -- a little odd, but not bad)
  • fill out faculty activity report, due today -- DONE

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