Kev and I are really…

Kev and I are really pretty even on chore and childcare division at this point, but it took some work (some arguments, a big mapping out of all the chores once, etc). And the recent budget readjustment that allows a housecleaner to come every two weeks is a huge help, of course (although a squeeze in other areas, which causes its own stress). I still find the whole subject fascinating, even though we're mostly sorted right now. So of course, I had to read this whole post and all the comments pretty obsessively. (While watching the children. :-)

And sometimes these discussions lead to brilliant ideas. Like this one from the comments: "You can always pare back the cleaner as you get your boys to pick up more chores of their own. My grandparents had a weekly cleaner when they had little kids, then shifted it to biweekly and then monthly and then just a quarterly deep clean as their 4 children got old enough to do their own laundry, vacuum their own rooms, take turns on bathroom cleaning, etc. (Alas, my family was always too poor for a cleaner when I was a kid!)" Love it.

Want to weigh in? If you're partnered and living with your partner, do you split household chores evenly? If not, are you okay with the division of labor, or silently (or not so silently) resentful?

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