This morning, I sewed…

This morning, I sewed felt Easter baskets for Kavi and Anand, and some friends came by with their kids -- we ate yummy food, and then the kids ran around in the front yard hunting eggs. It was utterly charming -- people grinned as they walked by, 'cause the munchkins were just so darn cute. And now it's naptime, and everyone's gone home to sleep, and I'm sitting in my swing on the front porch with a cup of tea beside me, getting ready to dive into the revision of a story. And the weather is utterly perfect, and this is all so idyllic that I wish I could just freeze this moment in time. This is what I dreamed of, back when we were waiting for permits to come so we could start construction; I would come over, sit in this swing and daydream.

Now, my yard is full of flowers, mostly planted by me, and Liz was just telling me that one day she saw a woman walking by with her dog and a huge bunch of hyacinths and tulips that she was picking from my yard. And I know I should be indignant, and it's true, I would be sad if people picked all the flowers, but the truth is, I feel a certain kinship with that woman, who loved the flowers enough to dare picking them. Next year, I will plant extra, just for her. This weekend, I'm going to plant some seeds, and then mow the back yard and rake it clean -- we've picked up all the doggy business from the winter, and as soon as Ron and Liz's fence goes in (within a few weeks, according to the schedule), the kids will be merrily running around back there.

It's always a strange feeling, when a dream comes true. It's happened a few times to me now, with books, children, true love; I don't think I'll ever get used to it. It doesn't feel quite real.

5 thoughts on “This morning, I sewed…”

  1. Yay!

    Was really pleased to read this entry. So glad it’s all working out!

    And “Next year, I will plant extra, just for her” made me especially smile.

  2. We strive, and press, and then the locked door yields.
    We stumble through the portal, unopposed.
    And stand, and breathe, in open sunlit fields,
    of grass, and heather, hyacinth and rose.

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