Drowning in grading….

Drowning in grading. Hardly slept. Pity me. Also, lifted yesterday, and muscles feel like lead. Not even sure tea can help me this morning.

Also, I am totally having a cupcake for breakfast. So there.

I did have a good time reading at the Hopleaf last night -- a big crowd of 50 or so, and I think they liked my reading of "how should I protest?" and "The Night Air." At this point, we seem to have consensus that that story is a good opening for the new book; I'm going to hold onto the previous first story, and see if I can reuse it later, or at least the characters. This is my last intensive academic week, I think -- in addition to the grading, I have a big event coming up on Monday that's entailing lots of running around this week. And I'm on deadline to finish revisions to my Wild Cards story. All of that, combined with all the recent travel, is making me feel more than a little hectic and harried.

But after Monday, it should be much calmer, through the end of the semester in early May. I may even start writing again properly next week. (I did finish a story while in California, but it barely counts, since I only had about a paragraph left to write. :-) I know what I want to do next with the book; I just need time to sit down and dive into part II. Tuesday. I can make it to Tuesday, right?

6:31 Cupcake update: I did, and it was so delicious, but now I feel queasy from all that sugar and am wishing I'd picked protein instead. Why didn't you stop me, internets? Don't you know that I rely on you to save me from my dangerous impulses?

Also, this made me tear up. Well done, you two.

Also, Nyota had better be in the next Star Trek movie. She would make an AWESOME President of Starfleet Academy. I'm just saying.

I want this poster-size, so I can hang it in my office. Inspiration!

3 thoughts on “Drowning in grading….”

  1. Ah, well, I did not read this in time to stop you from having the cupcake! When I have these overwhelming carbohydrate cravings, a half teaspoon of honey satisfies them without the ‘wish I had had protein instead’ reaction.

  2. Digital strangeness… I did not see the picture here the first time I read this entry. It not only did not load, it did not appear that there was anything missing, so I thought that some text has gotten deleted in your post, since I was not sure what the tears you referred to were about.

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