So far, good convention,…

So far, good convention, but I didn't get quite enough sleep last night. (I did get up early and work on my Wild Cards story revision, made good progress -- hoping to finish it on the plane going home tomorrow.) I think I can make it through one more panel + karaoke before collapsing; we'll see. I'm taking a tiny break from FogCon right now to finish up a story for workshop, "Three Nights and One Morning." I drafted this tiny and overly-autobiographical piece to submit to Best Erotic Romance -- we'll see what they think of it.

Once those two stories are done, I can go back to Demimonde. I cut the first story from the book, and it's better, which is frustrating in terms of lost work, but satisfying in terms of artistic improvement. The new order starts with "The Night Air," followed by "Thick as a Brick" -- I read them together last night to an appreciative audience (yay), and I think they worked really well, both as individual stories and as the opening to the book, which was a relief! I'm looking forward to getting back to the book on Tuesday, when I should have a nice long stretch for writing (before diving into a pile of grading).

I can't believe we're heading into the last month of the semester already. Where did it go?

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