People ask me…

People ask me occasionally if the renovation is done. Well, mostly. There's a short list of things that are not quite finished, but it's starting to merge into every homeowner's list of desired improvements and repairs. The list that never ends. :-) In case you're curious, here's how ours stands now. I'm sure I'm forgetting things.

- broken patio screen door to hardware store
- MA sew cover for footstool

- install playroom / bath screens
- test paint for kitchen wallpaper (wipe-able and moisture resistant?)
- build vegetable beds
- plant flowering tree in back yard - re-seed dead spots in grass (what kind?)

FOR PAM (when she next comes out):
- fix MA study door (doesn't close)
- install foyer replacement cage light

- hanging baskets for front porch
- replacement HVAC vents (not white metal) for first floor
- rings for bedroom curtain rods so curtains move easily
- stock cover for vent
- wallpaper for kitchen wall
- tile for library fireplace
- Kevin dresser(s)
- replacement living room coffee table (upholstered)
- screen door for front door
- front door knob / upper lock
- third floor window grates

FURNITURE TO BUY (prob. not this year due to budget):
- library seating
- front parlor seating
- master bath storage unit
- two end tables for living room

SOMEDAY (not this year due to budget):
- stained glass on stairwell window
- re-enamel tubs
- 4' front fence
- drywall basement framed rooms & add doors
- retile base of dining room fireplace

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