Where do you go to buy…

Where do you go to buy swimsuits? I tried on half a dozen Lands' End suits today and didn't like and of them -- very disheartening. I'm looking for simple one-piece suits I can wear while swimming laps at the pool.

I prefer gorgeous colorful prints, but I am also okay with minimal sleek styles that let me pretend that I'm athletic. Bonus points if the chest area is cut high enough that if I take kids into the pool with me and they grab at the front, I don't inadvertently flash boob at the whole pool during family swim time. I would also like not to spend a fortune, but am willing to pay a reasonable amount for something that might last more than a season.

2 thoughts on “Where do you go to buy…”

  1. athleta.com and titlenine.com both have some nice one piece and sport tankinis. Since they’re designed for activity, they tend to have better coverage, less tugging and more support.

    Title Nine’s assortment this year seems to have some particularly nice prints and high necklines.

    Last year I bought a striped suit by DKNY which has an exceptionally high neck. I found it for $19 at TJ Maxx. Sadly, I can’t find that particular suit anywhere online, only it’s rather more revealing sister bikini and side button tank which are not at all the same thing. But TJ Maxx is always a decent place to look for higher end swimwear bargains.

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