I’ve just arrived in…

I've just arrived in Toronto, and am writing this from the airport shuttle, which has power cords in the seats and free wireless access -- posh! So far, uneventful -- it's definitely smooth travelling with a U.S. passport for a change. I just realized that I haven't actually left America since 2007 -- when I was pregnant with Kavi and Kevin and I went to England for his interviews at Oxford and Cambridge. Five years without leaving the country is too long! As soon as the kids are big enough to appreciate it, we have to start hauling them elsewhere. :-)

So far, this mostly doesn't feel so much like another country EXCEPT for everything being in both English and French. Also, my young seatmate had the most adorable accent. Nice. When I was packing for the trip, in addition to the fifteen copies of my book they asked me to bring, I tossed in a few of the French editions -- it's possible someone here would prefer to read it in French. :-)

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