Five Things About My…

Five Things About My Visit to Toronto

1. I find it charming that they spell the mall's name Centre.

2. We had a hilarious moment when someone said that it was going to be -4 on Monday, and I freaked out until I remembered about Celsius.

3. At the Starbucks, not only are the wrappers all labelled in French as well as English (tres cool), but they sell a Thai wrap. What? JEALOUS. And not to mention, they had these adorable little mini cherry pies that were delicious. So much better than cake pops. What the hell, Starbucks. Are we the poor cousin of Canada now? You save your best stuff for her?

4. Apparently, I am willing to walk an hour (half an hour each way) to Raashma in order to have kottu roti for dinner, totally ignoring all the other restaurants I pass on the way. That is how deprived I am in Chicago. I am told, however, that Ravi Soups is the Sri Lankan place to hit if you're in Toronto. I might try to get there for dinner tomorrow, if time permits. Also, some claim the kottu roti at the best places in Scarborough is better than it is in Jaffna. Hmm...I am dubious on that score, but I could be convinced. Bring me kottu roti! I command it!

5. I spent two hours walking around, gawking like a tourist. One thing I loved was how multilingual this city is. I mean, it's just shockingly diverse -- Chicago is diverse, but not like this. And the languages -- I think I heard a dozen different languages today. Including, casually, Tamil from the cabbie talking to the newsstand guy near Raashma. The last time I remember experiencing something like that was riding the Tube in London. Love it.

The event was amazing. It needs its own post. But now I have to sleep, because I'm getting up at 6 to take the subway to Scarborough to have breakfast with my cousins and aunt. I get to meet my cousin's new wife if I get there in time -- the family expands! Love it.

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  1. (Ipsita) Nova Bhattacharya

    Hey Mary Anne
    How fabulously cool to win a copy of your book and get to meet you (however briefly) in person. You were fabulous last night, a real treat. So happy you are enjoying Toronto. Cheers!

  2. Glad to hear you’re having a good time in Toronto… Speaking of Starbuck’s, it has apparently incurred the wrath of some conservative outfit because of its position on same-sex marriage. I’m glad to know I have one more reason to go there every workday’s morning, besides having the female staff smile when I show up.

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