Do you guys know about…

Do you guys know about The Adjunct Project? Totally fascinating to see the remarkable range of salaries (benefits, etc.) across schools and across the country. Not surprising to me, given the range in what I was paid ($1100 / course, Salt Lake Community College; $2400 / course, University of Utah; $8000 / course, Roosevelt U. as visiting professor; $8000 / course, Northwestern U.). But still interesting to see it so broadly, and to read the specific comments on (often shockingly petty) elements of their contracts.

If you've adjuncted, please enter your data -- it's anonymous, and without data, we can't argue nearly as effectively for better, fair pay for our adjuncts.

(Although I'm not tenure-track, my current renewable contract position is SO much better than most adjuncts that I hesitate to call myself an adjunct at this point. Although technically, I suppose I still am.)

I do wish they'd offered a field for entering the years you worked there -- I would enter my earlier positions, but it seems misleading, given some of them were ten years ago, and I have no idea if the salaries have gone up or down since then.

I should note that the Roosevelt and Northwestern positions were after completing a Ph.D., and after the international publication of Bodies in Motion, so that undoubtedly contributed to the salary jump -- but less to how much they offer for the positions, than to which positions I became competitive for. The SLCC and Utah positions took place in the same year; I more than doubled my salary by teaching at a different school.

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