Hey, sorry it’s been…

Hey, sorry it's been such a DesiLit / reading blast lately. I promise more substantive posts soon, including some photos of spring around here. (Isn't this weather astonishing??? I am wearing a flirty little flowered skirt with a cardigan today, and if it weren't for the wind, I wouldn't even need a jacket.)

For now, Kirsten is visiting unexpectedly but delightfully (business trip to Chicago); she stayed with us yesterday, and I made what even I have to admit was a kick-ass pork curry, perhaps the best I've made, although oh, so rich, accompanied by cauliflower fry and beets in coconut milk. Mmm. And I get to have lunch with her today, yay! But to do that, I actually have to go to work. So off I go...

4 thoughts on “Hey, sorry it’s been…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Well, I’d get a little tired of reading advertising, so I wouldn’t blame readers if they felt the same. 🙂

  2. Kickass is right! MaryAnne’s curries are always wonderful, but this one was sublime. And I’m not talking about the curried cauliflower as I might have to admit how much I ate. And MaryAnne, I did eat my snackpack. Yum yum. Much better than the biz dinner food

  3. Katie says hello.
    She also says your kids should come visit. If they come, I think you should too 🙂

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