Okay, I don’t know if…

Okay, I don't know if this will last. No promises. Because you know how fitness things tend to go. But I signed up for Fitocracy, which is exercise-tracking plus some mild game dynamics -- you 'level up' based on how much exercise you do. I logged yesterday's exercise and went up two levels, whoosh! And then I exercised today, and went up to level 3, and I found it a) very satisfying, and b) very tempting to just do one more set of 20 jumping jacks, to see how many more points that would get me (7), etc. So I earned 206 points yesterday, and 370 today, and I am liking this.

I am hoping that it continues to be addictive, and plugs into the same part of my brain that had me killing wee demon-beasties at Warcraft for hours upon hours on end. Not that I particularly want to turn into a gym rat, but an hour a day of exercise seems pretty reasonable to me, as an investment in my future health. Now that the kids are getting older, that really ought to be something I can fit into my life, especially if sometimes the exercise is more peaceful and meditative, yoga-esque. Although today, I walked, ran, did some calisthenics, and pumped a tiny bit of iron. :-)

If you would like an invite, post a note with the e-mail address you want me to send the invite to.

I do wish they would incorporate some fantasy-based animations. I.e., when you level up, you get a little video of you slaying a dragon. Or at least a demon-bunny. That would be cool.

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  1. Okay this sounds both interesting and motivating! I was just looking for a tracker today, so an invite would be much appreciated.


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