Okay, I need advice. …

Okay, I need advice. The SLF is putting together a new class-based grant, aimed at supporting the work of a working-class / poor writer who shows exceptional promise in the field of speculative literature. I am really not sure what to call this grant, or how to describe it, in such a way as to make clear that this is not just for a writer who happens to be broke (as so many of us writers have been at one point or another, including myself), but rather for a writer who is coming from a long-standing economic position that throws up roadblocks towards writing and publishing in a way that is different from simply being broke for a few months.

Not that it's not ALSO totally valid and worthwhile to provide financial bridge loan assistance for people in the latter situation, but that's not what this particular grant is aimed towards. Any help with language would be GREATLY appreciated. What would you name this grant? What's a pithy sentence to describe its intended audience / goals?

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  1. For people in my age bracket, calling such an award “The Eric Hoffer inspired sf writer’s award” or some such would be very appropriate. I don’t know whether we (i. e., SLF members) would need Hoffer’s family’s permission to do this or not.

    Another appealing possibility is the “Bottom Up Grant”.

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