I’m pleased to announce…

I'm pleased to announce a sale; "The Marrying Kind" to Sheba Karim, for the second Tranquebar anthology of South Asian erotica. This is a reprint sale -- the story appeared in Aqua Erotica 2. But I think that book didn't sell particularly well, so I'm happy the story will be getting wider exposure, and of course, being paid again is lovely. Also, Sheba has edited it, so it's better. Yay for editors.

Today is a writing / grading / cleaning / errands day. Roshani and Angeli are coming by to write with me; we'll mostly be working here, but will also go for a walk to enjoy the oddly spring-ish weather, have lunch, run errands, and show Angeli a bit of Oak Park. I do love that I can easily walk to two dozen restaurants, the library, a bookstore (it used to be three bookstores, but two have closed, boo.), a yarn store, a florist, two grocery stores, and the cobbler who is repairing my boots. And more. I think we got very lucky in finding a house in this location -- it's remarkably convenient. I'm hoping we might coax Angeli into moving to Oak Park; she recently got a terrific new job which will be work-from-home, so there's no reason she can't live closer to me! :-)

I'm not sure I'll actually get to writing -- a bunch of other work to do first. But it's okay if not; my advanced fiction students are coming for a writing date here tomorrow, from 2-6, so I have a nice four-hour block for writing then. I think I'm almost ready to dive into Part II of Demimonde. This part may have a lot of running; I think I'm being inspired by Dr. Who.

Did I mention that Jed and I are also trying to write an essay about Captain Jack for the Queers Dig Time Lords anthology? Funfun. I'm reading Chicks Dig Time Lords now. I'm not sure exactly what we're going to write about -- just saying "Squee! I love Captain Jack!" does not much of an essay make. But I'm reasonably sure we'll come up with something substantive. So far, we've had a long and intense conversation about Jack's coat and what it signifies in terms of masculinity, militarism, and oh-my-heck sexiness.

God, I love my job.

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