This weekend is slightly…

This weekend is slightly frantic, as I'm combining a convention with hosting a tea party. No, I'm not insane.

Yesterday was the totally packed day at Capricon, and mostly fun, although there were some tense moments on the Occupy Wall Street / Tea Party political panel; I was grateful for John Scalzi and his firm moderating hand. The highlight of the day was getting to have dinner with Lynne and Michael and Holly, whom I have met briefly before, but never got to really talk to; they're delightful. Today I'm just going to jaunt up for a quick meeting with Scalzi and one panel, and then I should be home again by three, and assuming I can leave the house early enough to grocery shop beforehand, I should have an hour before my tea party to prep -- plenty of time.

It's actually a very tiny crafting-oriented Valentine's tea. Because Kavi is making valentines for her class for the first time (last year, I'm afraid I just bought the cards and addressed them myself and it was mostly kind of a pain). And I thought it would be more fun supervising her with more adults and their kids (who also have valentines to make) around. So I invited a few of my friends-with-littles to come; we should have three more ladies and about six more kids, and it'll be a blast.

The house is already somewhat Valentine's decorated, as I've been crafting garlands and such for a bit; will post photos when I have a chance. I've never actually been all that into the holiday as a holiday in the past, and in college, we mostly celebrated by having a huge and decidedly non-romantic St. Valentine's Day Massacre Party, gangster costumes, bathtub gin, and all. (It was fun!) But the little ones are awfully fond of hearts and flowers, it turns out, and I have not yet expired from the diabetic sweetness of it all.

As I said in my original invite, I have a ridiculous number of supplies already -- pretty V-appropriate colored paper, solid pink and red cardstock, white printer paper, lots of ribbon, white doilies, glitter, beads, buttons, glue sticks and scissors, a bit of felt, crayons and wax paper (for making stained glass hearts), etc. The people coming are bringing more supplies; it'll be a red-pink-white extravaganza. :-)

And of course, there has to be food. I'm aiming for scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, cucumber tea sandwiches, popcorn with dried cranberries, pink punch (ginger ale, frozen cranberry juice, strawberry sherbet), and tea, of course. I think Roshani is bringing some sweets too.

I'm really looking forward to sitting around with the ladies and helping the kids put Valentines together. Now excuse me -- I have to go cut out tiny felt hearts. Wheee!!!

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Oh, there’s no recipe, really. But here are a few specifics.

    Take thin white sandwich bread — I use Pepperidge Farm, if I can get it, because they make the perfect thin kind. Usually at the big grocery stores, not Whole Foods.

    Buy an English cucumber — they’re the long, skinny kind that usually come wrapped in plastic. You can use regular, but English ones are less watery, so better for sandwiches. Slice into thin rounds.

    Spread one side each of two slices of bread with softened butter, add one flat layer of cucumber slices (you’ll probably overlap them some).

    Close, cut off the crusts, cut into four triangles, arrange pretty on plate.

    Serve with strong black tea (I like PG Tips, also at my local Jewel), with milk and cubes of sugar. Little tongs for the sugar, if you can find them. 🙂

    You can also use asparagus, and make them even prettier, like this, which I want to try at some point:

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