Completed stories for…

Completed stories for Demimonde so far include:

  • Here, Under the Twin Moons
  • The Night Air
  • Crackles and Chokes
  • Thick as a Brick
  • Past Echoes
  • Hammer in the Dark
  • Old Friends Meet
If you're as geeky as me, you can read the table of contents as a poem. Like this:

Here, under the twin moons / the night air / crackles and chokes, / thick as a brick. / Past echoes / hammer in the dark; / old friends meet.

Yes, I'm weird and a little obsessive. But it pleases me.

Note: I am not the first to do this. Vikram Seth offers a far more virtuoso version in his novel-in-sonnets, The Golden Gate -- the table of contents is a sonnet, as is the acknowledgements page, the dedication, and every page thereafter. It's also a beautiful and moving story. Damn, he's good.

7 thoughts on “Completed stories for…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Umm…I wish I could take credit for it, but no, sorry. What Jethro Tull thingie are you thinking of? I’m not so familiar, I’m afraid.

  2. I am not quite sure what Demimonde means in this context. Reading the Wikipedia article, it seems to refer to prostitutes as an aspect of an extravagant and hedonistic lifestyle. Prostitution seems to suggest that women serve men sexually, not that they are active agents in the process, even if they thereby become wealthy. Is there a similar word that means ‘the whole world’ rather than ‘half a world’?

    One amusing mythical construct would be something like Between Mars and Venus, followed by a subtitle as you suggest.

  3. The ‘demi’ of ‘Demimonde’ doesn’t really mean ‘half’ here. It really refers to being between worlds – higher than the Plebe but lower than Society.

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