Anand was playing with…

Anand was playing with the alarm clock yesterday, and apparently set it for 3:45. Thanks, baby. Thanks a lot. I couldn't get myself back to sleep.

I did churn through some more e-mail this morning (down to 234!). The problem with answering backlogged e-mail from over a year ago is, it's embarrassing. On the other hand, not answering it at all feels rude. I did get back one snotty response already from someone, yay. But others seem charmingly bewildered that I bothered to reply at all. Oh well. Various old projects are slowly chugging to life again. Very slowly.

I'm finally picking an illustrator for Demimonde! More on that shortly. On the downside, someone else JUST published a sf book with a very similar title, The Demi-Monde: Winter. I was briefly crushed, but then decided it was okay, because I wasn't sure I loved the title anyway. Maybe the word 'demimonde', which I do love, will become part of a subtitle. Hmmm. The first story is titled "Here, Under the Twin Moons." Would that work for a book title? Or should I try to incorporate either the war or the sex more explicitly in the title? Suggestions welcome.

I didn't get enough sleep over the weekend, in part because we went to a fun dinner in the city with some of Kevin's colleagues (thanks, Alex and Alina!) and got back late. Late is 10 p.m. these days, apparently. So I didn't work out Sat or Sun but I think I have to do it today, even though I feel yuck. I will probably feel worse after exercising, but then I will feel better, and that will be a longer-lasting effect. So I tell myself.

My students are moving from personal blogs to topical blogs, and this week's emphasis is on food. This is a fun week. Everyone likes food. :-) Need some reading? Recommendations, for your gustatory pleasure:

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