I sent part I of…

I sent part I of Demimonde out to some early readers last week, and the responses have started coming in. Thankfully, people seem to really like it! :-) So far, just a few little nit-picky notes that are easy to fix. And some really nice praise, like this from my cousin, who I think won't mind me quoting her:

"I really enjoy the way you hand your narrative off from story to story. It's consistent and quick with an immediate reference to the last story and then total immersion into the next. It connected them together well enough that I felt like I only had to do the work of getting into the story once at the very beginning, and the rest fell like water.

I admire the healthy mix of political unrest and basic human (or non-human) need. The world is going to hell, and people are scared, panicky and horny. Wicked combo for the reader, probably not as fun for the characters themselves.

I have since read the story through again (and again) purely for pleasure and I'm heavily anticipating the release of the entire compilation!"

- Angela Sinclair

:-) :-) :-)

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