Even though I’m still…

Even though I'm still somewhat frantically behind on work, there comes a point in the evenings when I just can't think anymore. And so, I craft.

Lately, Kavi has turned into quite the fashion plate. If it were up to her, she would have a new outfit to wear to pre-school every day. (Today, she decided to wear her fancy Christmas outfit to school, which is fine with me -- I'm just glad it's getting more use.) Since we can't actually buy her new clothes whenever she wants them, I've started modifying some of her existing clothes. It's remarkably soothing. Also free, since I had all the materials lying around already.

Start with a plain shirt:

Embroider some stems on it. I think you would normally use stem stitch for this, but I had forgotten about stem stitch, so I used split stitch, which is my default embroidery stitch. I find it pleasing, for some unknown reason, and even if you know nothing about embroidery, if you can work a needle and thread, you can do this. (Somehow, I find the word 'embroidery' intimidating, so I mostly just call it 'sewing' in my head. :-) The stitch worked fine for making stems.

Crochet some little flowers for it. I started with a basic five-petal flower, and then made up some round ones when I realized I couldn't fit six petalled flowers on the shirt. I think I actually like the round ones better. It's really nice having enough basic crochet skills that I can make up something like that. I credit amigurumi -- make a few of those little stuffed critters from a pattern, and you'll really understand how to shape things with crochet, especially round things.

Add a heart, because it's almost Valentine's Day. And also, Kavi is very fond of hearts.

Here's the finished product. :-)

I think she'll like it.

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  1. There’s a book I think you guys might like, called “I had a favorite dress”, where as she grows out of her dress, mom remakes it…

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