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Hey, folks -- a question. For my course on blogs, aka online creative nonfiction, I'm going to ask my students this semester to choose a frequently-updated (ideally daily or thereabouts) personal blog to follow for the rest of the semester. I'd like to give them some suggestions beyond my blog and Scalzi's (which are the two we're looking at closely in the first weeks). Thoughts, please?

Ideally, I'd like to give them a nice range of material -- if it's just the ones I can come up with, it'll be all writer blogs and yarn blogs, I'm afraid. Although feel free to suggest those too, if there are particularly good ones!

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  1. These are only updated 3-5 times per week, but I can offer a couple mommy blogs:

    Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures-


    This one is great fun and has lively discussion in the comments, but update frequency can vary and sometimes drops off for a while.

    It Is What It Is-


    Blog of a midwest mom with two small and hilarious boys.

    And in the awesome miscellaneous personal blog category, The Bloggess:


  2. also, you can’t go wrong with david lebovitz’s awesome food/travel blog:

    perhaps look at the sort of blogging that comes forth through regular comics and their blogs? XKCD.com very nearly blogs through the hover-overs, and penny arcade has a blog along with the commentary-laden strip.

  3. These are my regular reads

    Educated and poor�

    Why architects drink

    Reassigned time

    Wwdn:in exile

    One good thing

    And I just started reading the pioneer woman

    Her post “I just wanted a donut” literally made me cry I was laughing so hard.�

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