I’m heading towards the…

I'm heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel -- ALMOST done with grading. In the meantime, what vegetables should we make for Christmas? Suggestions welcome -- here's the tentative menu:

(Update: I've now revised this with people's suggestions. It's probably over-ambitious. Hmm...)


  • veggie platter (in shape of Xmas tree :-)
  • cream cheese tree with green pepper jelly
  • rosemary antipasti wreath
  • smoked salmon on buttered thin toast, with capers, lemon, red onions, sour cream
  • champagne and cocktails


  • roast lamb, maybe one of these:
  • salad of roasted beet, sectioned clementine, goat cheese, baby spinach
  • scalloped potatoes au gratin? (if we don't cook potatoes with the lamb)
  • brussels sprouts (with lemon and parmesan) -- from Hungry in Brooklyn
  • peas or green beans
  • crescent rolls
  • red wine


  • Stilton, date and walnut chutney, English cream crackers (and Port!)


  • apple pie
  • mincemeat pies (courtesy World Market)
  • chocolate oranges
  • fruit trifle

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